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Breeding, training, testing, hunting German Wirehaired Pointers with Bonepoint Kennels.


We started working with Kelly Jobes at bonepointkennels.com in 2008 starting with Frida (Bonepoint's Dark Star). She had three litters and a NAVHDA Breeder's Award.Then her daughter Lola (Bonepoint's Indigo) had four litters. We are now breeding Lola's daughter, Hilde ((Bonepoint's Wilde). This has been an outstanding line of Bonepoint females, all tested in NAVHDA NA and UT. I hunt these dogs in Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, and Arizona. They have experience on chukars (our favorite), huns, pheasants, Mearns quail, ducks,  and geese.

Frida Pointing Huns, Snake River, 2011.JPG


Hilde was tested in NAVHDA NA receiving a maximum score of 112 Prize 1 at 1 year old. She then tested in NAVHDA Utility Test at two years old, earning a maximum score of 204 Prize 1 in 2017. She has the bird finding drive and natural point and backing ability of her mother and grandmother and she has been the easiest of all three to train and handle. She has an off and on switch, making her a calm family member in the house and bird crazy in the field.
We are expecting Hilde's first litter about March 15th, 2019. She was bred by TCI (AI) to "Rune" of Claddagh Kennels in Horicon Wisconsin. Contact Kelly Jobes at bonepointkennels.com for more information on Hilde's or other Bonepoint puppies.



Lola is the daughter of Frida. She was something of a prodigy, finding, pointing, retrieving her own wild chukars at 5 months old. She has had 4 litters, 2 of which earned NAVHDA Breeders Awards. Her puppies have turned out to be excellent bird dogs for ther owners. Her last litter of 11 puppies included Hilde, the one I am now breeding.

LOLA Pointing Chukars, Snake River, 2011.JPG


Hilde retrieving a rooster in South Dakota, 2018. We hunted South Dakota in 2018 for sharptails and roosters. Hilde and Lola found, pointed, and retrieved to hand a lot of birds. Thanks to my good bro Art Trujillo for getting us into some great bird cover.


Some pics from chukar country above Snake River, OR.  Frida quilt by my wife, Pat. Hilde on sharptail point.

Richland 007.JPG
Richland 044.JPG
Frida Quilt.JPG
2018-10-21 13.05.53.jpg